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Our team will make a special selection of our savories for you to try. Some of our products are as follow...

  • Chicken pie with Cream Cheese
  • Palm Hearts with Green Olives
  • Brocolis with Palm Hearts pie
  • Shrimp pie
  • Cheese pie
  • Beef Sfiha
  • Veggie Sfiha
  • Ham and Cheese Sfiha
  • Hotdog Roll
  • Chicken Lovers
  • Chicken Lovers with Cream Cheese
  • Cheese Brazilian Bites
  • Canadian Lovers
  • Corn and Cheese
  • Beef Brazilian Bite
  • Pizza Brazilian Bite
  • Kibbe

FREE Assorted Savories

  • This option will be free of charge once you place your order with us within 30 days of sample kit pickup. We will be happy to give you as a credit and discount it from your order.