CATERING - 100 Deep fried Savories

You can chose any* of our delicious and crispy Brazilian Savories.

  • Chicken Lovers ( Coxinha de Galinha)
  • Chicken Lovers with Cream Cheese ( Coxinha de Galinha com Cream Cheese)
  • Cheese Brazilian Bite ( Bolinha de Queijo)
  • Corn and Cheese ( Bolinha de Queijo com Milho)
  • Canadian Lovers ( Tubinho de Pepperoni com queijo Gouda)
  • Bacon with Mozzarella ( Tubinho de Bacon com Mozzarella)
  • Pizza Brazilian Bite ( Risolis de Pizza)
  • Beef Brazilian Bite ( Risolis de Carne)
  • Brocolli with Hearts of Palm and Parmesan Chesse (Coxinha de Brocolis) 


All units will be ready to consume and serve to your customers.

Each savory will be placed into individual paper cup.

*savories with shrimp are not included.


Price will have HST added in your total.

CATERING - 100 Deep fried Savories